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Without Proper Online Web Marketing,

Your Customers Can’t Find You.

Online marketing allows people to know who you are,

where you are located and how to get ahold of you.

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SEO (Search Engine Marketing) makes your website, social media page or other online asset visible in the search engine results pages.

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What is SEO?

There are a lot of things that go into getting your page ranked in Google, Bing and Yahoo (or YouTube, Facebook or any other search engine). We do it all, as much as you need or not. From auditing an existing website to creating a new one that is specifically designed to rank, we can make your company visible.

How to SEO.

When you consider how to optimize your website for SEO, it helps to understand what you are trying to do and what a webpage is. Remember when you were in high school and you had to write a research paper? It was organized very much like a webpage is to the web browser.

You have a title, a heading, sometimes many headings, and content, written in paragraphs, that explain your ideas. Same thing with a web page, and if it isn’t organized properly, then the Google bot has no idea what your page is about. If the Google bot can’t understand what is going on, then it won’t display your page in the search engine results page (SERP), if its not in the SERP, then no customers can find you either.

Then There’s More

After you get your page and website architecture properly set up, you then need to cite your site. Going back to that report, you probably had a bibliography, citing the works you read or quoted from. The internet works in a similar manner. Each citation as a link (called a backlink), serves to promote the authenticity and general approval of the page you have. Getting these links is key yo ranking your page.

Frankly, you can boil it down to those two things and you’ll most likely be alright: quality content (including the way it is presented) and quality backlinks.

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Pay Per Call Marketing

You want leads but don’t want to pay a comprehensive price to upgrade your existing assets? Perfect, we can charge per each lead we generate, thus reducing your overall cost.

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What is the difference between PPC and PPCall?

Pay per click advertising is what Google ads does. Each time someone clicks on your ad, you pay for it. Pay per call marketing is somewhat different. We leverage organic search results as well as potentially using ads to create leads for your company in the form of tracked phone calls.

You simply pay for each lead that comes in.

What is the benefit of PPCall?

Because you are only paying for the leads, not all the other calls and work that go into it, your ROI has the potential to be much higher. Also, your marketing team will work harder to get you more and better calls because that is how they win their bread.

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Search engine marketing involves writing and publishing ads so that people can find you on a given search engine, whether that is Yelp, Bing or anything else.

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Properly crafting and delivering an ad on Facebook, Google or anything else is a whole industry to it’s own. Entire websites are dedicated to this one thing.

When you use Credoo Media to craft and publish ads on your behalf, you are getting years of expertise, trackable content and a workflow that really creates results.

What is PPC, then?

Pay per click advertising is a specific niche in the SEM group. Using different methods of measuring success, we may use click through rate, views, impressions, page bounces and more to identify the best metric to determine the success of your SEM campaign.

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